Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 1 - Gold Coast - Christchurch

Given how late I left packing for this holiday (who am I kidding – that is how I do things like packing to go on holiday) unlike Al who had things organised ages before me, this morning I was a bit like a headless chook at times – sort of felt like I was chasing my tail – going into rooms and forgetting why I went there.

K had to work and so was going to ask to do 10 min breaks which generally would mean she would be finished by about 1.30.  We got a message saying she was only finishing at 2pm.  We were already in the carpark (we were more than a little early !!!) – so we chatted and waited and waited and waited.  Poor bugger came running down the hill at about 2.45 – so upset because she was late but luckily we are understanding parents who have worked more than our share of jobs where we don’t control what time things happen.  We still had more than enough time to stop at Grill’d for a late lunch early dinner as we weren’t getting a meal on the plane.

She dropped us at the airport and said she wouldn’t come in with us – I had thought she would be keen to stay just to make sure we actually left but maybe she realised we were too excited about going and there was no way we weren’t going to leave !!!  Anyway, she kissed us, jumped in the car and headed off to two weeks at home with no parents nagging her to do anything (although I did send emails and sms’s reminding her about what she needed to do and to make sure that, whatever she did while we were away, was cleaned up, put away or fixed before we got back !!)
Waiting to board

Sunset as we are leaving

Our plane

We had an uneventful flight and were able to get exit row seats which is always good because of the extra leg room – in this case I wasn’t sure there was extra leg room to go with the responsibility of manning the exits but Al assured me that, had we been in the other rows, we would have had even less leg room.

We arrived in Christchurch about 20 mins early so picked up our car and headed for the hotel.  The lady at Hertz said that Arthur’s Pass was clear and that they weren’t expecting anymore snow until possibly the end of next week.  For some reason when she asked how many drivers there would be I said 1, so Al is going to have to do all the driving while we are here(which is generally what happens anyway but if for some reason he hadn’t wanted to drive, he was stuck driving anyway !!)
Our Rav 4 - a really good ride for us

The silver fern in Al's coffee 
We found our hotel without too much trouble – man, it was cold outside.  Think the car said it was 4deg outside !!!!!  The hotel was toasty warm although not sure what temp – said to Al that it would have been good to know how warm it was so that we knew what temp to set other heaters when we used them !!!!

We watched some of the Olympics and went to sleep at about 1am.

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